MEP Isolator

MEP Isolator Download 14-Day Trial

$29.00 USD/Seat

$59.00 USD/Seat

Revit 2016-2019

MEP Isolator allows you to isolate specific MEP items. You can isolate by:

MEP Isolator gives you total control over how your MEP items are isolated.

For the isolated items, you choose the isolate color.

For non-isolated items, you can choose whether or not to change the color of those items and which color to use. You also decide if you want those items hidden or transparent!

For Architectural and Structural items, you decide if you want them hidden or transparent.

You can also apply your settings to either the active view or all open views in the current model.

You can quickly remove any isolation by selecting the Remove Isolation button from the ribbon. You can also quickly isolate each system by using the M, E, and P buttons.

Loading an isolated set is accessible from the Add Isolation button’s pulldown menu. Selecting this will allow you to select a saved set stored on your computer.

The Remove Isolation button also has a pulldown menu. This menu allows you to Re-Isolate using the latest isolation settings for the current view. Great for toggling between an isolated view and the original view!