View Sets

View Sets allows you to Save View configurations for quick retrieval. You specify the layout and which views go where. View Sets also allows you to synchronize views in that set to the active view!

View Sets Download 14-Day Trial

$59.00 USD/Seat

$99.00 USD/Seat

Revit 2015-2018

First you will specify how many views you want to see. You can have up to Four Views.

When selecting Two Views, you have the choice of horizontal or vertical. You don’t have to guess which is which, you will be given a visual of the layout!

Three Views has four choices, again they will be visual. You can have the large view Left, Right, Top or Bottom. Use the Left and Right arrow buttons to toggle layouts.

Specify a name for this set and choose whether or not you want your views to synchronize when activated, and click Create. For synchronizing, if you don’t turn this option on, you can still synchronize after the set is activated by turning it on using the ribbon.

To Modify or Delete a set, simply select from the dropdown list and then either delete it or update it. A Delete button will appear and the Create button will become Update.

The View Sets Toolbar gives you the ability to import and export your View Sets so they can be used with other models.

Created View Sets will appear on the ribbon in a dropdown list. To activate, just select it from this list.

A Synchronize dropdown list is also on the ribbon allowing you to toggle View Synchronizing on or off.

When synchronizing, Plan, Section/Elevation, and 3D Views will be synchronized to each other.